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Animator vs. Animation is becoming an increasingly popular game throughout the internet. Originally created by Alan Becker, the game follows the battle between two Flash animation characters: an invisible animator and his stick figure creation. The animator vs animation started out as a comic, but as it became popular, it became a video game with the help of associate Charles Yeh. Players can play either character, of course, and each player’s arsenal is made up of Flash development drawing tools, the line tool being one of them. The weapons, however, react differently depending on which character is using them, so it would be a good idea to have some background information about this game before jumping into it!

Once you begin the game, you are given a choice between a variety of attacks on the left side of the screen. The cute part is that these ‘weapons’ are all represented by computer buttons that are commonly used in animation creation software. The animator could use virtually every tool, from the eraser to arrows. You can use your mouse in order to control The Animator’s actions. It is recommended that if it is your first time playing Animator vs. Animation, you should start at the easiest level – which is “victim”. Some hints for better success include utilizing the Brush and Pencil tools. Draw with the brush so you can draw more guns, and shield the timeline. Also, bombs are great to lure the animator over! If you find that the animator is too quick for you, go right for the timeline and attack it. To unlock more secrets in the game, you have to score over 7500 points.

Not only is Animator vs. Animation a challenging game, but it is also funny. (Who wouldn’t find stick figures fighting to the death funny?) Many people have submitted rave reviews about this game, and it is completely free to play online. So, give it a shot, and tell your friends to visit and like too!

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